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Alton Octagonal Cedar Greenhouse 6ft6 wide (1989mm) x 6ft6 long (1989mm)



Alton Octagonal Cedar Greenhouse 6ft6 wide (1989mm) x 6ft6 long (1989mm)

The Alton Evolution models have been intelligently designed to create a cedar greenhouse that meets the needs of modern users. Through the use of innovative and sturdy jointing technology, the Evolution models are delivered in a flat packed, self-assembly format. This eliminates the need for double handling and storage of large, cumbersome glazed panels found in other models, allowing for a greater amount of wood to be used in the greenhouse. As a result, the cedar greenhouse is exceptionally strong and of high quality, requiring minimal maintenance even with the standard cedar bar capping.

By upgrading to the moss coloured aluminium bar capping system, users can enjoy the benefits of both cedar and aluminium in one hybrid greenhouse.

The frame of the greenhouse is constructed from Canadian Western Red Cedar, which contains high levels of natural preservative oils that make it highly resistant to decay, even without additional artificial treatment. Cedar also possesses a unique aroma that can deter pests. The frame primarily consists of planed 2×2 (44x44mm) and 3×2 (69x44mm) wood.

Each Alton Evolution greenhouse is treated with a clear treatment at the factory, allowing the natural colour variation of the cedar wood to shine through. Over time, the greenhouse will develop a distinct silvery colour that is characteristic of cedar. The moss colour of the metal components is designed to seamlessly blend with this mature silvery hue.

Additional features of the greenhouse include a metal base that keeps the wood elevated from damp areas on the floor, standard louvre vents, high eaves for a more spacious feel and comfortable working environment, included guttering and downpipes, and glass overlaps at eaves to protect vulnerable areas from rot.