Barbecue Cabin FAQs

Do I need planning permission?

The short answer is probably not – The long answer is since October 2008 outbuildings in England have been covered by ‘permitted development’ rights, meaning you have automatic planning permission without application subject to certain restrictions. Put simply, if you live in ‘Designated Land’ such as an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), National Parks, conservation areas or a World Heritage Site or if your house is ‘Listed’ you will need to consult with your local planning authority.

If your house does not fall in one of these areas/categories, then you should be fine under these criteria:

  • The cabin is not within 2m of a boundary e.g. Garden Fence, wall
  • Does not take up more than 50% of your garden space
  • Is not sited on land forward of ‘Principal Elevation’ (The front of your house)

This is simply an outline guide, we would always advise that you consult with your local planning authority if you have any doubts about your planning requirements.

Here is a link to the Planning Portals mini guide on planning for outbuildings:


For Scotland’s regulations which are similar but not exactly the same:


What kind of foundation do I need?

Either a concrete base of 150mm is recommended with at least 2 x 100mm drainage pipes for adequate ventilation for the centre for the grill to ensure a good hot barbecue, and draw for the flue.

We also offer a timber frame base option on recycled composite support posts, which utilises recycled plastic to ensure your base won’t rot at the point of contact with the ground as can happen with pressure treated timber.

If you already have a firm level place you would like your cabin to be sited we can also offer a vented option for your base, with pipes plumbed through the floor. Please contact us with pictures of your proposed location for us to help advise.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us for more information regarding bases, we are more than happy to advise & can provide plans, drawings & do it yourself guides on how to construct your own. Use the contact form below or get in touch for more.

You have different types of cabin, what’s the difference?

Our cabins all have their individual charms! The sloping walled barbecue cabins are both more visually appealing, and comfortable to sit in with the angle of the walls to your back. The construction is more complex than a straight walled cabin and more timber is required due to the deceptively larger building, hence the higher cost. The benefits of straight walled buildings are the fact that you can utilise the inside space better if you chose to add your own furniture – and a more manageable price tag.


What maintenance do they require?

Your building will arrive untreated unless you have opted for us to treat it, and should be treated or painted as soon as possible. Apart from good housekeeping, The exterior should be maintained in accordance with whatever treatment or paint you use, ideally every 12-24 months to keep the timber weatherproof. We would highly recommend treating the floor if you have not opted for us to do so, to give yourself a wipe clean surface in the (quite likely) event of a spillage.

How difficult are they to construct?

Our Cabins are a joy to build, but to do it well in under a day does take skill and knowledge. Our team are well practised in constructing barbecue cabins and can expertly construct a 17m barbecue cabin in a day. If you were to attempt constructing your own cabin we would recommend at least 3 people for up to a 10m cabin and at least 4 people for anything larger. Also allow plenty of time, for first time cabin fitters at least a couple of days perhaps longer. Remember these cabins will last for decades if built properly so take some extra time to ensure it goes together well.


Our Cabins are all supplied with a statutory warranty. This guarantees replacement of any component parts should they be found to be defective within this period, however it does not cover accidental damage or weather damage once the building is delivered or constructed. Customers should also note that timber is a natural product and prone to changes in appearance, including some movement and the occurrence of small knot holes or splits in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. These will not be accepted as valid reasons to claim against our warranty as they are visual imperfections and do not affect the buildings structural integrity.

Fitted by Carr Bank Garden Centre:

Sloping Wall Grill Cabins – 10 Year warranty against structural defects.
Grill Cabins – 5 Year Warranty against structural defects.
Barrels – 2 Year Warranty against structural defects.

Self Build:

Sloping Wall Grill Cabins – 1 Year warranty against structural defects.
Grill Cabins – 1 Year Warranty against structural defects.
Sauna Barrels – 1 Year Warranty against structural defects.

In addition to our warranty;

Our Grills and Flues are guaranteed for 12 months.

All metal fixtures & fittings i.e. window & door furniture are guaranteed for 12 months.

Environmental Policy

All of the timber we use in our buildings is sourced from FSC and PEFC certified suppliers. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), are essentially the “gold standard” in ethical production. The wood is harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

The PEFC endorse national forest certification systems developed through multi-stakeholder processes and tailored to local priorities and conditions. They believe that forest certification needs to be local; this is why they choose to work with national organizations to advance responsible forestry. Forest certification is at their core. They provide forest owners, from the large to the small, with a tool to demonstrate their responsible practices, while empowering consumers and companies to buy sustainably.


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