Beautifully crafted, elegant and simple; a Wood Fired Hot Tub is a joy to behold.

A little bit of luxury for your garden, our Wood Fired Hot Tubs provide you with the best of both worlds – the classic simplicity of a wood burning heater with all the modern conveniences of a Spa.

Benefits of Wood Fired Hot Tubs:

  • Economical: Wood burning internal heaters waste no heat, and take around 2-6 hours to heat up to 35 degrees depending on the time of year, and external heaters up to 8 hours. Compared with an electric heated hot tub which can take up to 36 hours to heat using electricity.

  • All the features, none of the bills: Our Wood Fired Hot Tubs have all the modern features of any other Hot Tub – Hydro & Air Jets, Massage settings & LED lighting.

  • Pure & Simple: If you prefer the natural hot tub experience then our off grid hot tubs require only logs and water, so the sky is the limit when it comes to location. As long as you have logs you can put your hot tub wherever you like – on a deck or patio, in the woods or on top of a mountain.

  • Crackling Log Fire: The fire is part of the experience; the faint smell of the wood smoke as the temperature increases adds to the atmosphere.

Gardenvity Wood Fired Hot Tub from Carr Bank Garden Centre
Wood Fired Hot Tub from Carr Bank Garden Centre

Size Options for all Gardens

Available in 1-2 person, 6-8 person or 10-12 person size options we have the right tub for you & your location. Drop us a message below, give us a call or come see us to discuss your new hot tub! 01524 762313.

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