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10% Off Alton & Robinsons Greenhouses for March!
10% Off Alton & Robinsons Greenhouses for March!

Alton have been designing and building greenhouses since 1921. Over 100 years of experience goes into the production of a wide range of quality cedar greenhouses, and our team are experts in the installation & maintenance of these amazing buildings.

We have a long running history ourselves with Alton greenhouses and for good reason - there's nothing quite like the beautiful scent of Red Cedar after a bit of fresh rain, coupled with the beautiful varied tones of the wood & its soft appearance it truly makes for a unique growing space.

The options available for Alton Cedar Greenhouses are vast, from a small Evolution 6 through to the Fusion Greenhouse combined with Cedar Workshop/Shed, not to mention their amazing Victorian range of greenhouses. Whatever it is you want for your garden you can know that an Alton building will be both a sound investment and a true statement for any discerning garden enthusiast.

We have been constructing Alton Greenhouses across Cumbria and Lancashire for many years now, and have always been impressed by the quality & character of their buildings. Not only the materials used, but also in the quality of workmanship that goes into each and every building. We are in the process of updating our display site at present & will have new models on display for the 2023 season, but please feel free to ask us about any models you are interested in as we are familiar with them all & can help advise on everything from the best location, best type of base for your situation & associated groundworks, landscaping or anything else you may need.

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10% Off Alton & Robinsons Greenhouses for March!
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Alton feature Stainless Steel metalwork as standard as Western Red Cedar reacts with most metals to corrode them prematurely, and discolour your greenhouse with dark stains in the process. Our installation team are well aware of this and many other features of Alton Cedar Wooden Greenhouses, and will never use anything other than Stainless Steel when installing your buildings for you. The door furniture is also top grade stainless steel, helping ensure a long lasting smooth operation of your door.

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