With many years experience in preparing for and erecting garden buildings of all shapes and sizes, we can help advise you on the best course of action to take, or do the work for you.

We also offer a building removal service for your old building or structures, and can dispose of them appropriately.

You will be given dimensions for any garden buildings you are interested upon request.

Key Factors to consider for any garden building:

  • Tree Cover – Having any building underneath trees can cause a few hassles, from blocked gutters to severely shortening the life of roofing felt.
  • Drainage – Making sure your building is not sat in a puddle can increase its lifetime significantly. Adding pressure treated timbers beneath your building can keep moisture out of the floor, and increase airflow to help keep the floor dry and rot-free.
  • Location – Best use of sunlight for greenhouses, and access to all sides to apply preservatives to any sheds or timber buildings.
  • Size – Many people tend to outgrow their building (especially greenhouses) in a short space of time. We recommend ensuring you get an adequate size of building leaving you room to expand your hobbies and passions.


Garden Sheds & Greenhouses

Summerhouse & Garden Shed
Summerhouse & Garden Shed


Base Preparation is key when planning on a garden building as this is what can ensure you not only get the most from your purchase, but ensure a worry-free lifetime from the building also. The main criteria for a garden shed is flat and firm although a perfectly level base is more desireable. For a greenhouse it is essential the base be perfectly square and level for the building to assemble correctly.

A simple, cost effective method consists of sharp sand with concrete flagstones laid on top. This is one of the cheapest methods of providing a base for sheds, as once the building is up the weight spreads evenly across the flags and doesn’t allow movement of individual flags. (providing the ground beneath is suitably firm.) While this method doesn’t constitute a stable patio for walking on it helps keep costs down, especially as once your building is up you won’t be seeing the base for a long time. In the case of greenhouses, mortar bedded flags can be used where foot traffic is expected to provide a stable path.
Concrete Paving Flag Base
Concrete Paving Flag Base
Concrete Slab Base
Concrete Slab Base
Another method is to provide a concrete footing for the building. This can either be a full concrete slab in the case of garden sheds, or just a thin strip to support the edges of the building in the case of greenhouses. The benefit of this type of base is that the interior ground space can then be used to directly plant into, and remains versatile for future development such as raised planters.

Checklist for Shed and Greenhouse Bases

    • Is the area a suitable location for the specific building you are having? Greenhouses require light, and summerhouses are generally situated with the best possible view. Also, can you transport the building to the location?
    • Surroundings can either make the most or hinder your building. Overhanging trees will drop leaves blocking gutters and damaging roofing felt. Small trees will one day be big trees, so make sure your not going to find one growing through the wall of your building one day!
    • Is it substantial enough? Its all well and good putting a concrete base down, but if its only 1 inch deep its not going to last very long.
    • Local Wildlife – Rabbits and even badgers can find a garden shed a lovely roof for there Den or Set. Propping a garden shed on a few old breeze blocks may seem cheap and effective, but you may end up with some unexpected visitors moving in.


Barbecue Cabins & Grill Cabins

Carr Bank Garden Centre Barbecue Cabins
Carr Bank Garden Centre Barbecue Cabins

No doubt if you are considering a barbecue cabin (or Koti as they are known in Finland) then you wish to take all the measures you can to ensure you get the most from your purchase. The best way to start is by preparing an adequate base.

We would always recommend a purpose built base where possible – either our timber frame base option for sloping ground or a concrete base, with at least 4-6 inches depth depending on the ground conditions. For the barbecue cabins a vent must also be put in to allow airflow to the fire. We recommend 2 to 3 vents using 6″ drainage pipe leading to the centre, as to allow plenty of airflow even if one becomes blocked with debris or water. You can adjust the amount of airflow by partially or fully blocking some of the vents by placing something over them as well as adjusting the vent inside the cabin. The more airflow you have, the hotter and quicker the fire will burn. 10m Sloping Cabin Plans 2018

Whether you require us to do any base work for you, or you have your own builder, we will do all we can to make sure the process is as quick and simple as possible.

Wooden Hot Tubs

Wooden Hot Tub
Wooden Hot Tub

Preparing a site for a wooden hot tub is a relatively easy task in comparison. They can simply be sat on a level hard standing or clean gravel area, decking, concrete or flagged area. As long as there is adequate airflow to the bottom of the tub to keep they can also be sunk into decking or the ground. Care should be taken to allow drainage and easy access of the wooden hot tub for maintenance.

Barrel Saunas

Wooden Barrel Sauna
Wooden Barrel Sauna

Our Barrel Saunas are sat on wooden cradles which bear the weight of the building, and allow a smaller footprint than a full size concrete slab. For instance, the 4m long Barrel Sauna has 4 cradles, each 2000mm by 150mm and spaced evenly at 1200mm intervals.


Other Buildings & Structures

We can provide footings, landscaping & groundworks for a whole range of buildings including ones not from us. If you have a project in the area and require a helping hand with Groundworks, Landscaping or base preparation feel free to get in touch & discuss your requirements as we are always happy to help.


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