Only the best for our customers – we strive to bring you the best selection of Freshly Cut Nordmann Fir non-drop Christmas Trees every year.

Our Trees are all displayed in our Festive Forest, lined up throughout the Garden Centre on stands so you can walk around them to view them properly from all angles before buying, and our team can net them up for you & load them into your car to take home, or we can deliver for free locally and at a cost for further afield.

We have strict quality control over our trees year on year, quality checked by our in house experts for a Festive Cheer & Christmas Magic!

Our selection of trees ranges in sizes from around 4 feet well up to over 8′ tall, with a few larger trees for special order.

We also have a selection of pot grown Nordmann & Norway Spruce trees from 2′ to 4′, meaning you can grow your own Christmas Tree!

Want to keep informed? Drop us a message on the contact form below to find out when our trees will be arriving, or to enquire about ordering a tree from us. We can take pre-orders all year round, and if you need something larger or a little more specialist then the sooner we know the better.

Christmas Tree Varieties:

We stock Nordmann Fir Cut Trees which offer a full, soft & lush dark green needle, which is very visually appealing. The traditional Christmas Tree is the Norway Spruce, which has a beautiful scent from its sap, a lighter shade of green needle which aren’t as full looking as the Nordmann. These smaller needles along with some differences in the tree growth mean that the Norway Spruce drops its needles quote quickly when cut & placed indoors, especially in modern heated houses. For this reason we choose the Nordmann Fir, as it holds its needles much longer, and when they do fall they are not as sharp or likely to stick into your foot when walking around the house!

We still stock a range of potted Norway Spruce trees, and are more than happy to source them for our customers if required. Please use the contact form below to enquire about any tree you may be wanting to get ordered for Christmas.

Christmas Tree Enquiry Form:

To accurately quote delivery costs for your enquiry, not for marketing purposes.

Please provide us with which building you might be interested in, and also your address & contact details

A little History about Christmas Trees:

Prince Albert, the consort of Queen Victoria, is often credited with introducing the Christmas tree to England in 1840. However, the first known tree was actually set up by Queen Charlotte, the German wife of George III, at Queen’s Lodge in Windsor in December 1800.

Christmas trees became highly popular among the upper classes, particularly for children’s gatherings. Any suitable evergreen tree could be uprooted and used, typically adorned with candles, ornaments, and surrounded by heaps of presents.

In December 1840, Prince Albert brought several spruce firs from his native Coburg, Germany, to serve as Christmas trees. However, it wasn’t until a few years later, when publications like the Illustrated London News, Cassell’s Magazine, and The Graphic started showcasing and describing the royal Christmas trees annually, that the tradition caught on with the general public in England.

By 1860, Christmas trees had become very popular among the middle classes. They would have a tree in their parlor or hall, adorned with candles, sweets, fruit, homemade decorations, and small gifts. In the early 20th century, real Christmas trees were still the norm, but the first artificial bristle-style tree was created by the Addis Housewares Company in 1930.

Since 1947, Norway has gifted a large Christmas tree to Great Britain every year, which is displayed in Trafalgar Square, London. During the Second World War, the Norwegian king and government sought refuge in London when their country was occupied.

The tree is therefore given as a token of gratitude to the people of London for their assistance. This annual tradition exemplifies the significant symbolic value of Christmas trees in Britain today.

To accurately quote delivery costs for your enquiry, not for marketing purposes.

Please provide us with which building you might be interested in, and also your address & contact details