Relaxing, beneficial to health, invigorating for your skin – need we say more?

Our Scandinavian Log Fired Barrel Sauna are a fantastic and unique addition to any space, both outdoors and in.

Why is the Barrel Sauna such a popular design?

The shape makes the most efficient use of space – with no corners, there is less room to heat up, dramatically increasing heating times while the circular shape makes best use of convection currents allowing the air to circulate and heat quicker and more evenly throughout – did we mention they also look fantastic?

Constructed from Thermowood for longevity & appearance, the Log Fired Barrel Sauna design is highly robust. We can supply and assemble your Barrel Sauna for you, or simply deliver for you to assemble yourself. They are a fantastic building to work with and the simple barrel design means many of our customers enjoy constructing their own Barrel Sauna but we would only recommend to those with a little knowledge of working with timber. You can of course collect your building from us already assembled if you have your own transportation.

We currently have a 3.5m Panoramic Barrel Sauna on site for you to view, as well as our Barbecue Cabins and many other buildings and are more than happy to talk you through some of the features of the Barrel Saunas. If you want to drop us an email to let us know you are planning a visit we can make sure one of our team is on site to chat to you as we are very busy on builds & other jobs, we can also get plenty more information sent to you, provide you with a quote, discuss layout options & more. You would be amazed at how versatile these buildings are, they can fit into almost any space, indoor or out, and look equally as fantastic.

What benefits are there from Sauna Bathing?

As well as a general sense of well being, Sauna Bathing is a unique way of cleaning the skin through perspiration helping to remove toxins from your body and cleansing your skin. It also increases circulation and metabolism which aids in weight loss. The increased body temperature and circulation also helps relieve muscular tension and rheumatism, while also boosting the immune system. On top of all these benefits Sauna Bathing is also a fantastic social or solitary activity.

What is included with a Carr Bank Barrel Sauna?

Our Log Fired Barrel Sauna are all tailor made & supplied to you with everything you need to get going. You choose which type of wood you want it made from, at what dimensions and also which layout you prefer with regards to porch and changing room. You can also choose which colour roof shingles are supplied – Black, Green or Red.

Our Barrel Saunas each include:

  • Harvia Sauna Heater with Stones* (Electric Heaters available)

  • Stainless Steel Tightening Bands

  • Flooring & Seating throughout

  • Wooden Front Door with lock and Tempered Glass changing room door**

  • 2 Rear Windows

  • Wooden Sauna Bucket and Ladle

  • Thermometer & Hygrometer

*We have matched each Barrel Sauna to a suitable sized heater which can be changed upon request. See the product description for each Barrel Sauna to see which heater comes as standard.

**If available depending on size and layout of your Barrel Sauna.

We have a range of exterior finishes available on all our timber buildings to suit a range of colour schemes, our preferred choice is Osmo who’s range of wood treatment products we find incredibly versatile & hard to beat on the standard of protection the provide whilst enhancing the natural beauty of the wood.

What does this symbol Ø mean?

This symbol is used to represent the diameter of the building, which is the measurement at the widest point of the circle. Our Barrel Saunas are available in either 1.97m or 2.27m diameter(Ø).

What options are available?

First you have the option of a 1.97 metre or 2.27 metre diameter Barrel. (6’6″ and 7’5″ in old money)

We have a selection of highest quality Harvia heaters available to suit all size barrel saunas including electric heaters, as well as the option of feeding your log fire externally and larger options for the large Barrels & commercial environments. Harvia are world renowned for their sauna equipment.

Available in lengths from 1.7m up to 6m there is a size to suit every setting.

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What maintenance do Barrel Saunas require?

Our Barrel Saunas have a range of treatments available and we would always recommend a treatment for any exterior timber to keep it looking at its best & in service for as long as possible, that being said Thermowood which our Barrel Saunas are made from is known for its resistance to rot & decay as well as pests. This is due to the heating process which expels moisture from the wood & crystallises the resins and sugars in the wood making the timber much more long lasting, and much more hard wearing to weather etc, some would put it on par with Cedar or Larch for longevity.

We would recommend treating the exterior with a water repellent protective treatment of some sort as a bare minimum, ideally with a UV protective inhibitor over the top if you wish to maintain the colour which will fade to a silver over time if left natural. We offer a range of treatments from Osmo if you require & can also apply them for you either on site after construction or pre-applied if you want your building delivered already built.

The interior should not be treated with wood stain product however sauna interior treatments are available for high use situations in commercial or rental situations. A mixture of soap & water with eucalyptus or tea-tree oil can be used to wipe the interior after use, and any stains can be removed using baking soda and warm water scrubbed lightly into the wood and rinsed with clean water. For more info, check out our Barrel Sauna FAQs.

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