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Trees & Specimen Plants

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We hold a modest range of larger Trees & Specimen Plants here at the Garden Centre for you to get some inspiration for your own space. We can of course get a much larger range of plants upon request, so please come speak to us about just some of what we can offer you from our specialist growers. Some of the items we tend to keep in stock at the Garden Centre:

Trachycarpus fortunei

Trachycarpus fortunei

Also known as the Chusan Palm, is highly favoured by gardeners in the UK for its remarkable ability to withstand cold temperatures. It thrives even during the colder winters in Britain, especially when situated in a sheltered area.

Trachycarpus fortunei boasts a unique fan-shaped frond arrangement, bringing a hint of tropical allure to the British scenery. Its flexibility and resilience against frost make it a dependable option for cultivating an exotic atmosphere in UK gardens. However, its large leaves are not well-suited for exposed, windy locations, so it’s advisable to plant it in a sheltered spot with nutrient-rich, consistently moist soil.

Dicksonia Antarctica

the Tasmanian Tree Fern, also recognized as the Soft Tree Fern, stands out as an extraordinary plant and among the oldest globally, originating from Australia and New Zealand. Its robust trunk boasts a dense covering of intertwined aerial roots and exhibits a notably slow growth rate. However, in stark contrast, its lush green fronds emerge rapidly from the crown, flourishing remarkably with ample water and Tree Fern Feed.

A true centrepiece in any garden, the Tree Fern creates a brilliant spectacle with its unfurling fronds creating a magnificent canopy.

Dicksonia Antarctica - Tree Fern
Canary Island Date Palm


Phoenix Canariensis

Phoenix canariensis, commonly referred to as the Canary Island Date Palm, presents another enchanting palm variety well-suited for the gentler climates of the UK. While not as resilient to cold as certain other palm species, it flourishes when offered some shielding during severe winters.

As this palm begins to develop its trunk, it gains additional resilience. With its impressive stature marked by a tall trunk and gracefully arching fronds, this palm imparts a unique subtropical ambiance to gardens across the UK.

Chamaerops Humilis

The Chamaerops humilis, commonly known as the European Fan Palm, hails as a native palm to various European countries, notably the Mediterranean. Its impressive ability to prosper in cooler climates and endure frost renders it an ideal choice for gardens throughout the UK.

With its compact growth and captivating fan-shaped fronds, this palm brings an elegant touch infusing your outdoor area with a delightful Mediterranean charm to your outdoors.

Chamaerops Humilis