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Veg Bed 1m


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This manger style design is ideal for gardens with small spaces or for those wanting to start growing their own produce.

The 1m Veg Bed can hold up to a maximum of 225 litres* of compost. It is raised to protect your crops from pests, as well as to enable you to work without the need to stoop or bend.

Looking after your Veg Bed is very important. Before filling, ensure there is sufficient drainage to prevent waterlogging as this can damage your crops and put excessive strain on the structure. Place the veg bed on a firm and level surface for best results.

During the winter months, the veg bed should be emptied and stored inside. However, if you are unable to do this use a breathable cover. If there is any significant snowfall, always ensure you remove from the top of your veg bed as it can damage the structure and shorten its lifespan.

* Approximate measurements.


  • Easy to build
  • Tapered growing depth
  • Between 150mm-450mm bed depth
  • 225 litre capacity
  • 800mm tall
  • High quality, pressure treated wood
  • This product is made of material from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and controlled sources