/ / / 3.5m Thermowood Panoramic Barrel Sauna EX DISPLAY

3.5m Thermowood Panoramic Barrel Sauna EX DISPLAY

£7,745.00 £6,200.00



Our well loved 3.5m Panoramic Thermowood Barrel Sauna is looking for a new home!

This Barrel Sauna comes complete with Harvia M3 log Burning Heater and Full Panoramic Glass Wall to soak up the views while enjoying your sauna bath. As an ex display model it has all the bells & whistles, and also comes pre treated with Osmo UV protection oil which is the best protection you can put on exterior timber.

SAVE OVER £1,500.00!

This Barrel retails at £7,745.00 normally so you can grab yourselves an absolute bargain! it features a 60cm porch, 1m changing room with tempered glass door, and a 1.6m bathing space which is enough for 4 people to comfortably use.

This barrel has been our display model for the past couple of years so we are offering it at a massive £1,500.00 off list price which is quite a discount for just a few muddy boot prints.

This Barrel comes complete so will need access for a hiab wagon to put it in its new home, or alternatively we can deliver it on a trailer if you have your own means of unloading with a telehandler or similar. You can of course save even more and have it loaded onto your own trailer or lorry at the Garden Centre.

Contact us to discuss this Barrel Sauna & delivery requirements today!