It has come to our attention some other companies have been using images of our job as their own, specifically this job even with a false testimonial. We can assure our customers that this is indeed our own work, a job we were very fond of for both the outcome and the lovely customer we were lucky enough to have. You can also find the accompanying post on our social media timeline here ( from when we installed it. Please do not be fooled by people falsely attempting to use our work as thier own.

We must admit we didn’t quite know what to think when our customer told us what they intended to use the cabin for, but after a brief chat on the phone we got to work creating the perfect cabin for the job. Upon meeting the customer we were pleased to confirm out suspicions that this customer was one of the best types of customer – the ones who will use their cabins all the time!

We could tell from the excitement that this was a big deal for our customer, and boy were we right – we revisited just a few weeks later & they had already had the paint out on the outside & got the interior looking absolutely fantastic with the drinks, furniture, lighting & entertainment set up absolutely spot on.

Thank you for the hospitality, and we wish you many happy wee drams!