When visiting South West Scotland, bring sunscreen! We were greeted with scorching hot weather in June when visiting Ann & Paul to build their 17m Sloping Wall Cabin with extension, that is until all the heavy lifting was done & the clouds rolled in, just in time for grill o’clock!

Many Thanks Ann & Paul, it was a pleasure working for you both & we look forward to visiting in the future & seeing how being Cabin Keepers is going for you.

UPDATE – After a revisit on one of the most stunning mornings possible in December 2017, we discovered Ann & Paul had taken the initiative and made their cabin fully automated with wifi, a tv, power sockets with usb and smart lighting throughout. Ann & Paul also supplied us with some photos of their cabin in the snow also, with the dogs looking as excited as we are when it snows!

Thanks again Ann & Paul, we wish you many years happy grilling!