We can supply you with a fantastic choice of greenhouses here at the garden centre including Alton Cedar Greenhouses, Elite Aluminium Greenhouses & Robinsons Greenhouses.

We also have several display buildings for you to see on site.

We are more than happy to offer you advice on whichever greenhouse may best suit your needs, and can offer site inspections and provide base works and removal of your old greenhouse.


Alton Cedar Greenhouses

Alton have been designing and building greenhouses since 1921. Over 80 years of experience goes into the production of a wide range of quality cedar greenhouses. Both professional and keen amateur greenhouse gardeners have been using Alton greenhouses for years, some have passed them down from father to child.

Alton cedar greenhouses are now better than ever thanks to a series of improvements added to Alton’s Amateur, Octagonal and Traditional greenhouses.

We have been erecting Alton Greenhouses across Cumbria and Lancashire for many years now, and have always been impressed by the end result. Not only the materials used, but also in the quality of workmanship that goes into each and every building. We have several greenhouses on display for anyone interested to come and view. Our location is just minutes from junction 36 of the M6, 5 minutes away from Milnthorpe on the Cumbria/Lancashire border.

Swallow Cygnet Timber Greenhouse 6'8" x 11'5"
Swallow Cygnet Timber Greenhouses

Swallow Timber Greenhouses

Swallow GB are one of our latest additions to our greenhouses and we are exceedingly happy with their products. Constructed from tanalised & thermally modified timber they are rot resistant & highly durable buildings and also offer a very attractive space saving feature of combining your greenhouse & garden shed in one building!

On top of all this they have been winning awards for their innovative & well thought out products.


Elite Aluminium Greenhouses

Elite Aluminium Greenhouse
Elite Aluminium Greenhouses

Elite greenhouses offer a comprehensive range of high quality aluminium greenhouses and lean-to structures to complement any garden. We have been working with them for many years and have always found their greenhouses to be brilliant to work with, and very well designed with regards to constructing them. One point that is stressed is that you do not have to cut any metal to put the building together – everything is designed and built to be a perfect fit.

Elite greenhouses has been established for over 50 years and is still at the forefront of the domestic greenhouse market, boasting a reputation for quality, value, range and service which you will find hard to match.

All of Elites greenhouses/ lean-to structures are manufactured to withstand the toughest weather conditions. The aluminium gutter(s), built in as standard (except Cold Frame), add additional strength to the existing structure.

Stainless steel clips are standard throughout, eradicating rust, warp and rot fears.

All Elite buildings come with at least one 4ft sq roof vent as standard (except Window Garden).




Robinsons Greenhouses

Robinsons Greenhouses have long been recognised as the very best aluminium greenhouses by amateur and professional gardeners. Utilising high quality materials in innovative designs that provide maximum comfortable growing space, Robinsons combine strength and durability to produce super strong metal and aluminium greenhouses that are more likely to stand the test of time and Britain’s ever changing weather! Robinsons metal frame greenhouses are guaranteed for 10 years and are often left standing when inferior greenhouses are destroyed in storms. Whilst no greenhouse can be guaranteed to be 100% storm proof, the thicker aluminium bars, and the unique screw-in capping system that retains the glass in place combine to produce one of the strongest greenhouses available in the UK today.



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