Carr Bank Barbecue Cabins

Our Log Barbecue Cabins / Grillkotas are built in the traditional Lapish style of Northern Finland and offer the year round dining culture that the Scandinavians have been enjoying for many years. The ability to use your cabin all year round is something that we at Carr Bank Garden Centre find really appeals to the British public.

From a back garden to a fishing lake the Barbecue cabin range has something to offer everyone.


We’ve got our own!

We love to show off our very own barbecue cabins (or hobbit huts as they are often known) so come on down if you fancy a look! We have a much older 10m Sloping Walled Cabin so you can see their durability over the years and a brand new 7m Sloping Wall cabin for you to see. We recently sent our 4.5m Baby Cabin to a new home and are currently in the process of re-developing our display cabin area so watch this space for our new range in the coming months. We also have a range of other display buildings for you to browse, including log cabins, timber & aluminium greenhouses as well as cedar greenhouses, and one of the finest ranges of display sheds in Cumbria.

Our barbecue cabin has seen use many times as our customers can tell you. We have hosted a pet day on a few occasions and had the Kota fired up and cooking sausages for all our hungry customers to see what all the fuss was about. Alongside this, we have been known to use our barbecue cabin ourselves on a few evenings – it really is a unique experience, and to be able to use it all year round is perfect in our unpredictable climes!


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BBQ Cabin Features:

  • 4.5m – 40m floor area
  • Hexagonal or Octagonal designs available
  • Wall thickness: 45mm
  • Choice of shingle colours: red, black, green or blue
  • Double glazed windows

Services Available:

  • Base Preparation
  • Delivery & Fitting
  • Situation based advice
  • Site Survey
  • Landscaping such as Decking & Patios

So if you are in the process of deciding upon a building for your garden, please come down to have a look. We also supply log cabins, and have many display buildings available to see on site so you can see them next to each other.


Size Options:

We cater for all with a range of sizes to suit your garden, measured in square metre floor area:

4.5m / Baby : Comfortably seats 5-6 people, or 7-8 little people.

7m / Small : Available sloping or straight walled, comfortably seats 10-12 people, with 2 beds to sleep 2 people.

10m / Medium : Available sloping or straight walled, comfortably seats 12-15, with 2 beds can comfortably sleep 2 people with extra room.

10m with Extension : As above but with a 3.6sqm room to whichever side you chose.

15m / Large: Comfortably seats 14-20, can comfortably sleep 4 people with extra room.

17m /Extra Large : Available sloping or straight walled. Seats 20-25 people, will comfortably sleep 4 with ample extra room.

17m with Extension : as above, will comfortably sleep 4 with ample extra room.

Twin 17m / Giant: two 17m Cabins next to each other with a 6sqm Hallway joining the two together.

25m / Giant : Seats up to 35 people, sleeps 5-6 people comfortably. ( It’s HUGE!)


We can of course build bespoke cabins upon request, please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.


Our Cabins come with a 5 year warranty, and should happily last a lifetime.

We have found many people looking for log cabins are not aware that the barbecue cabin exists and take great pleasure in seeing jaws drop when we show them around for the first time!


Ask us anything!

Drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.