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Caring for your Garden Buildings

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With winter at the door, its time to put the garden to bed & fire up the Barbecue Cabin, Hot Tub or Sauna Barrel.

Keeping your garden buildings looking their best is an easy job if you know what to do. Here’s a few tips from us to help you keep yours as good as possible.

Good Housekeeping

Ensuring your buildings are swept out after use to avoid leaving dirt & debris inside is a simple enough task to help ensure your building stays clean & tidy. Also checking to make sure doors and windows are closed properly is a must, as both wind, weather and wildlife can make a mess of any garden building in no time at all. (We can vouch for that!)

Treatments & Preservative

For any timber buildings with an exterior wood-stain or preservative, we would recommend a top up coat once every year or two. This helps the building keep its colour from degrading in sunlight, and ensures any moisture is kept at bay.

Depending on the building you may wish to treat it more or less often, Cedar Greenhouses for instance have a much higher resistance to moisture, rot and organisms due to the natural oils in the cedar, and can easily manage a couple of years or more between treatments.

Sheds & Summerhouses should ideally be treated every 12 months with a preservative to ensure moisture is kept at bay, and roofing felt usually only lasts 5 years before becoming brittle and cracking. Check your shed for leaks before winter, as you may not notice until its spent a few months leaking!

Our Barbecue & Grill Cabins get a good coat of preservative every 2 years after a good brushing off to remove any loose debris & leaves from the roof. We use sovereign chemicals to treat our buildings, as it is a market leader and a local to us. We also use a clear wood sealant for the inside surfaces that get alot of use, allowing us to wipe clean any (usually inevitable!) spillages of food or wine. For the floor a hard wearing highly waterproof treatment such as yacht varnish is recommended to keep it looking at its best and ensure easy cleaning in the future.

For painted buildings it is really dependant on the type of paint used. Most paints would only need touching up after at least 2-5 years, but with such a varying range on the market its best to go with the instructions for the particular brand used.

Clean & Clear

Our Barrel Sauna & Hot Tubs also gets the same treatment on the exterior, and any exterior stain or simple wood oils such as Danish Oil will suffice. Both interior’s are left completely untreated apart from the occasional wipe down with warm soapy water and a little eucalyptus oil, and the Hot Tubs get emptied, a quick rinse and refilled with clean water ready for their next use. We change the water once a month if unused, but ensure you keep them full! (Unless its severely frosty, then see here)

Fun & Enjoyment.

The best way of keeping an eye on your buildings is to use them as often as possible. Its pretty intuitive that if you enjoy something, you’ll take care of it. Also, why not! Its your’s, do what you want with it!